Yesterday we attempted to impress you all with s’mores cookies. Apparently, adding graham cracker crumbs, cut-up marshmallow, and chocolate chips to a chocolate cookie will not look pretty nor will it taste exactly like s’mores. Disappointing, but we really enjoyed eating the batter and snacking on marshmallows. Oh well, hopefully we’ll perfect a s’mores-inspired dessert sometime soon!

Instead of a dessert recipe, I’ll share something a lot healthier, and, arguably, just as delicious.

It’s called whole-grain toast with almond butter and nectarine, and I’ve been eating it for breakfast for a couple days now.

Wait–more like two weeks. But that’s only because it’s super good.

The recipe (if you could even call it a recipe) is easy: toast good whole-grain bread, spread some almond butter on it (the raw almond butter is best), top with ripe nectarine (or peach) slices, and drizzle with honey.

More Wright & Schnack food creations coming soon, I promise!

Photoshoots for breakfast


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