Empire Delicious Party


Hello all! Just here to inform you about our first food-blog-related job offer, a serving/photographing gig for Leslie Banker, an extremely lovely woman who hosted a party for the launch of her new design-related website, Empire Delicious (http://www.empiredelicious.com) last Saturday. Despite the inclement weather (coughcoughIrenecough), the party was quite fun and lively.

Caty and I helped out by setting up, prepping some extremely delightful hors d’oeuvres, and taking pictures of the festivities, food and such. We thought we’d share some of the pictures with you guys. Be sure to check out Empire Delicious, where you can buy cute  cocktail kits, which include napkins that say “Cheers!” and other fun accessories for entertaining.

Thanks for reading. Peace.

P.S. As school has started, Caty and I might not be posting QUITE as often, but never fear… our undying love for eating–I mean, our adoration for this food blog– has not diminished in the slightest, and we fully intend on continuing it throughout the year!


Simple but delicious- Buttered white bread topped with smoked salmon and fresh chives

Pâté is fancy, especially if it's on tiny toasts. And strawberries are cute.

Spanakopita: If you can't pronnounce it, just say, "Would you like some spinach turnovers?"

An Empire Delicious cocktail kit!


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