Grilled Cheese Weekend: The Gouda Baconator


Oh hey there. I bet the extremely professional and classy title of this post caught your eye. For good reason, my friends! This is because it is Grilled Cheese Weekend, a weekend where Caty and I will be posting a different fancypants grilled cheese recipe EVERY SINGLE DAY. That’s 3 fabulous grilled cheese recipes in 3 days. Can you take the excitement? If so, read on.

Caty and I had a lovely afternoon listening to the radio and experimenting with the many cheeses in her refrigerator. (I did not know that it was possible for a family of four to need that many different kinds.) We eventually settled on three separate and delicious sandwiches, the first of which is called The Gouda Baconator. It is absolutely delicious. Who knew that little fried bits of bacon, gouda cheese, and apple butter could taste so good together on a sandwich? Pros of TGB: bacon. (Need I say more?) Also, the gouda/apple combo plus the meat gives a nice smoky flavor to the sandwich. Cons: Gouda is not especially given to melting, so if you’re the kinda person who loves a good stretchy, melty mozzarella you may want to substitute in a different type of cheese. Other than that: it’s the perfect autumnal snack.

Stay tuned for more griddle goodness tomorrow!

The Gouda Baconator: Assemble hearty bread + Gouda cheese + crumbled bacon +apple butter. Sizzle on a buttered griddle until golden brown. Eat immediately.


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