This blog started on a lazy summer day in July 2011, but our friendship began a long time ago. Like, a really long time ago, when we stuffed our faces with cookies and brownies at preschool parties. We won’t deny that we miss those days of eating copious amounts of junk food off of small paper plates, but our culinary tastes have grown since then. Sometimes we go as far as to consider ourselves foodies, but we’re basically just two hungry teenage girls who blog about their quest for really delicious food. We would be rather pleased if you joined us.

Wright Time for a Schnack, circa 1999

Georgia Wright & Caty Schnack


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  1. This is so awesome! I’m the cousin of Gordon and Sally Mulligan and live in Florida. Just discovered this on Judy’s FB page. I can’t wait to read all these recipes!

  2. hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lets make sushi!!! and burito!!!!!!!!!! NO SNICKERDOODLES!!!!!!!!!!

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